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Full Speed the Serie

Teenage action/drama

Directed by Kobi Mahat
Head Writer: Sarel Piterman
Script by Itay Meirson | Tal Goldberg

Efrat Chen Weiss | Kineret Peled Amiri

Lead Cast:

Ben Sultan | Yehontan Vilozny | Kim Ben Shimon

Naya Federman | Michaeli Givati | Yonatan Rozovsky

Shahar Hauon | Yuval Harel | Kim Or Azulay

Kevin Rubin | Anna Stefanie | Ido Vido Yarimi
and more...

Producer: Moshe Edery, Micky Rabinovitz

Line Producer: Iftach Gabay
Producers - LightStream: Or Vivante, Avital Yosefi
Cinematographer: Amnon Zalait
2nd Camera: Yael Klopmann
Lead Editor: Itsik Mizrukhin
Editor: Iris Ozer

About the serie

A new session is about to begin at Motostar Academy, the upscale motorbike academy in Italy. And this time, for the first time ever, the Israeli teen team is sending an official delegation. It’s going to be an intensive, breathtaking month of group and individual contests at full speed. A month in which the seven young Israeli riders will have to compete alongside other teams, as well as go neck and neck against their own friends. A month of falling in love, jealousy, fights, friendships, secrets – and one unforgivable crime, which will send the academy into a dangerous spiral. Too dangerous. What seems like a regular motorcycle accident involving an unidentified rider on a road outside the academy ends up being the result of intentional tampering. This is the plot’s ground zero, while the series crisscrosses between the past events leading to the accident, and the present investigation of the accident. Meanwhile, each of the riders we meet over the season might be the victim of the accident – or the person who intentionally caused it.

All the Israeli riders grapple with their own struggles, which may or may not be linked to the accident investigation: Maor, the team mechanic, who replaces a rider forced to pull out, falls in love with the star of their bitter rival, the Italian team. Omer, Israel’s promising rider, hides her trip to Italy from her father and weaves a web of lies to make him believe that she’s spending the summer with her friend in Beersheba. Mikey, the arrogant, all-powerful team captain, plays with fire and tests the limits of his ego.


Guy and Mika’s love story seems perfect on social media, but it will slowly be revealed as the complicated story of a toxic relationship. All these dramatic threads are entwined, stretching all the way to the mysterious accident. This is an unforgettable summer, with an international, multi-cultural vibe, in which a cut-throat battle over trophy and glory rides full speed ahead towards an especially dark and mysterious crime story.

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Behind the Scene

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