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Poster Hanale

Hanna's Sabbath Dress

[74 min]

Festivals Awards

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Festivals Participant

Berlin Official Selection
Manchester Official Selection (W) .png

Director & Script: Ranny Magier

Lead Cast: 

Michal WeitzmanMichael GivatiShiran Sendel

Noel BerkowitzHani NachmiasDorit Renov

Haim ZnatiSabina | Shlomo VishinskiYafit Levi


Moshe Edery, Leon EderyHila Eran, Micky Rabinovitz

Line Producer: Iftach Gabay

Associate Producer: Or Vivante

 Light Stream - Producer: Avital Yosefi

Cinematographer: Yael Klopmann

Editor: Iris Ozer

About the Movie

A cinematic rendition of the children’s book, “Hanna’s Sabbath Dress”, by Isaac Dmiel Scweigger – an 80-year-old Israeli classic, a magical Jewish fairytale that transcends generations. It’s the story of Hanna, who receives a brand-new white dress, and goes out on an adventure and discovers that the kindness of her heart can create miracles. The film features a wide range of classic Israeli children’s songs by leading Israeli poets and songwriters – Haim Nachman Bialik, Ehud Manor, and more.

Hanna's Sabbath Dress Trailer \\ 

Director Biography - Ranny Magier

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-08 at

1995-1999 B.A in Film, Television and Management, Tel Aviv University


Professional Experience:

2009-2015, Vice President of content, Hop! Group - Content and Development Manager and Lead Editor of “Hop!”, “Luly”, and “Israeli Childhood” television channels.

 2003-2019, Director, Content Editor and Screenwriter for a wide range of television shows, television specials, studio broadcasts, children’s plays, and more.

Noteworthy Projects:

“Exodus” (Writer and Director), a television drama for kids, starring: Morris Cohen, Rinat Gabai, and more

(Hasida Productions, 2019)

“The Wizard of Oz” (Writer and Director) Children’s Play, starring: Itsik Cohen, Nasrin Kadri, Rinat Gabai, and more

(Maayan Tzelner Productions, 2018)


“Hanna’s Sabbath Dress” (Writer and Director) Children’s Play, starring: Hanni Nachmias, Michal Weitzman, and more

(Maor Maymon Productions, 2017)


“A Song and Juice” (Director), a musical Television series based on the songs of Arik Einstein (Nickelodeon Channel, 2017) 


“Aladdin and Princess Jasmine” (Director) starring: Tsuvia Tsafir, Adi Himelboym Assak Hertz, and more (2017)

“Where did Nimni Disappear?” (Director) a television drama series for kids (Noga Communications, 2016)


“Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” (Director) Starring: Tsipi Shavit, Yuval Shem Tov, Michael Weitzman, and more

(Maor Maymon Productions, 2016)


“All the Time in the World” (Director) Full length feature film. An Israeli soldier and Palestinian teenager get trapped under the rubbel of a home in Ramallah. Screenplay: Yuval Or, Starring: Yehezkel Lazarov, Eldad Prebas, Amir Rabah

(Unicorn Films, 2011) 


“Diamond Case” (Creator, Producer, Director) An 8-episode drama series for kids and teens (Nahar Productions, 2007)


“Kids Create Films” (Writer and Director) dramatic shorts based on the personal stories of children from all across Israel

(The Children’s Channel, 2008-2014)


“Legend of the 35” (Director) A documentary about the Convoy of 35, aired on Channel 1 and on the History Channel

(Eilat Films, 2007)


“There’s No Such Animal” (Creator and Director) a 40-episode series about animals (Noga Communications, 2002-2004)


“The Journey to the Dragon’s Tale” (Director) a Documentary Feature (52 minutes) the story of an Israeli rafting expedition

to the Chinese Yang Cha river. Aired on the National Geographic Channel (Highlight Films, 2004)


“Bulldoggy” (Director) A documentary-activism series for teens (Two Shot Films, 2004)

“The Director’s Cut” (Director) A series featuring Top Israeli Documentary Filmmakers who discuss their work and their films (Channel 8, 2005)


“The Landlord” (Director) - Design Show, hosted by Sarit Vino Elad, Aired on Channel 2 (2005)


“Four Weddings and a Funeral” (Director) - a Documentary series that aired on the National Geographic Channel

(Highlight Films, 2003) 

Hanna's Sabbath Dress Festivals

Berlin Official Selection

February 1-
March 1, 2021


Film Festival

Manchester Official Selection (W) .png

March 1 -
April 1 

Film Festival


Buenos Aires International
Film Festival

Children winner Hanna Jan2022 W.png

January 8,
Children Cinema Awards Festival

Photos by  David Scouri

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