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943 Yuval Hero In The Sky TRAILER
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Hero In The Clouds

Directed by Aviad Keidar
Script by Eran B.Y


Lead Cast:
Yuval Shem-Tov | Roi Erez | Shay Levi | Oded Paz 
Lirit Balaban | Ori Ataya | Assaf Degani


Moshe Edery, Leon Edery, Hila Eran, Micky Rabinovitz

Line Producer: Iftach Gabay
Co-Producer: Creative Production-Or Vivante
Light Stream- producer: Avital Yosefi

Cinematographer: Amnon zlayet

2nd Camera: Yael Klopmann

Editor: Nimrod Goldstein

About the Movie

Somewhere in the sky, in a magical village called Teplikoku, the Dorfinis live and produce clouds.
The evil Sand Queen threatens the Dorfinis that they must leave their village - or she will turn everything into sand!

Dibble and Duval  leave the village hoping to find a hero to save their home. On their journey they meet Yuval, and hope that he is the hero. Yuval is happy to help them, but doesn’t have a clue what to do.

Hero in the Clouds is a sweet story of adventure and self-discovery.

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Theme Song

photos by Noam Dinar & Gal Ginossar

Behind the Scene

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