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Created by Gal Genossar,  Or Vivante, Micky  Rabinovitz  

Producers: Or Vivante & Micky  Rabinovitz 

About the Movie

Hiley Morrison, 28, a CIA agent intercepts messages from a New York terror cell, planning a huge terror attack in Manhattan. As she tries to figure out when the attack is planned and who is behind it, all the signs lead to Abed Suleiman, 40, a Palestinian businessman and political activist, living in the Palestinian Authority controlled areas. Hiley realizes she must fly to Israel and cooperate with the Shin Bet, Pursuit her only lead.
Hiley arrives in Israel and meets Dan Goor, 32, an outstanding Shin Bet agent. Dan was in an elite combat unit and is considered a rising force in the service by all his superiors. At this point in time, despite being in charge of many operations, Dan is in crisis, since somebody else was appointed to a position he dreamed of, instead of him.
Hiley and Dan become close, while Amnon, 33 - Dan’s colleague and army friend who was always jealous of Dan – also falls in love with Hiley and tries to sabotage Dan’s work. When Hiley realizes this, she exploits Amnon in order to extract information as to the operations – and about Dan. This puts a heavy load on their relationship. Meanwhile, Hiley also has problems with her superiors, who are constantly pressuring her for immediate results.
Each episode will concentrate on a different mission. Together with IDF elite units, Hiley and Dan will carry out various missions, leading them closer to their target.
When Hiley, Dan and the crew finally reach Suleiman, they discover a shrewd, sophisticated rival who manages to confuse and out-maneuver anyone who crosses his path. He considers Hiley a worthy rival; the two play mind games against each other as time runs out.
The series will take the viewers to the mysterious and special world of Shin Bet agents - their operations and personal lives.
And the big question remains: Will the attack be stopped on time?

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