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Lady TiTi

Script & Directed  By Esti Almo Wexler

Moshe Edery, Leon Edery,
Micky Rabinovitz, Elad Wexler

Line Producer: Iftach Gabay
Production Managers: Or Vivante, Avital Yosefi
Cinematographer: Zamir Nega
2nd Camera: Gal Genossar
Lead Editor: Tal Keller
Editor: Zvi Pincus

About the Movie

A story about Worko, a 27 year old Ethiopian origin man, who lives in Tel Aviv and has a dream- to become a singer..

He borrowed money from Blackmarket. Worko have no money, so he hides in his mother house, which is an Ethiopian neighborhood. When the thugs arrive, Worko dresses up as a provocative woman named "Titi" and find a job in Ethiopian women empowerment group. Now Worko learns that it is not easy to be a woman and certainly not an Ethiopian woman, the gang doing after him and also the woman he falls in love with thinking he is a woman.

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Photo by Nachshon Ari Kaplan

Photos by Nachshon Ari Kaplan

Behind the Scene

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