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Layla sinop F2-01.png


Created by Hadar Arzi Sarano, Yaron Arazi
Producers: Micky Rabinovitz, Moshe Edery , Leon Edery

About the Movie

A troubled young woman is transformed, through a nefarious VR game, into an invincible special agent and assigned a deadly mission. To thwart the scheme and expose the evil forces behind it, she will have to overcome a traumatic personal loss.
Layla, 23, is a smart, beautiful and charismatic young woman but she won't let anyone see that.  Ever since her beloved big brother, Daniel (22 at the time), drowned at sea trying to save her when she was 17, guilt-ridden Layla shut the world out and spends most of her waking hours playing immersive Virtual Reality games. It’s the perfect solution for muting her consciousness and getting what she desperately wants – to lose herself in a made up reality. 
Layla’s cocooned life changes abruptly when she gets a mysterious gift – an especially addictive game starring Lotus, a female version of Jason Bourne, whose mission is to blow up a big hotel and kill the terrorists inside.  After playing for a while, Layla notices that her physique is changing. Suddenly she’s faster, stronger and more agile. Just like… Lotus. When her only friend, who studies the mystery game, gets killed - and she's the prime suspect - Layla has to find out what is going on.
The shocking answer is that Layla has been secretly recruited and subliminally trained through the game to become a Lotus-like agent for a nefarious cyber company.  Her mission is a mirror image of the one in the game - but in real life the targets are not terrorists but the cyber company’s enemies – the heads of law and intelligence agencies from all over the world and their families, convening in a luxury hotel.   Layla will now have to use her new abilities to thwart the elaborate and sinister plan, expose the villains behind it and save everyone’s lives while still trying to figure out who she really is. 
And if that’s not enough, she is stuck through all of this with Tom, her roommate who she can’t stand at first - but will soon become her true love. It’s the classic tale of two opposites that fall in love against all odds, a love that will fundamentally change both of them and allow Layla to express her true self and choose life, reality, and a meaningful relationship. Finally, she is not alone anymore. 

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