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On the Edge [Gesta2]

Directed by Kobi Mahat
Script by Itay Meirson & Kobi Mahat


Lead Cast:
On Refaeli | Naya Federman | Matan Lax

Guy Zu-aretz | Gily Itskovitch | Lioz Haroush
Ami Anidjar | Rudi Saada | Yossi Penso | Mishel Taroni
Miriam Zohar | Reshef Sefer | Adi Weiss
Shahar Rabinovich | Raphael Lev Braunstein

Guy Klopmann


Moshe Edery, Leon Edery, Hila Eran, Micky Rabinovitz

Line Producer: Iftach Gabay
Co-Producer: Creative Production-Or Vivante
Light Stream- producer: Avital Yosefi

Cinematographer: Ram Shani

2nd Camera: Yael Klopmann

Editor: Einat Glazer Zarchin

About the Movie

(A sequel to Gesta movie).
Adam wants to prove that he can succeed alone, falls victim to a sting and loses all his money.

He is too proud to ask his friends for help and pushes them away. Only after tracing the sources of the sting and discovering that the gang is planning a similar fate for his two friends, he joins forces with Shahar and Pita and together they fight back.


"On The Edge" is a comedy action film for teenagers.

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Theme Song

Photos by Micha Loubaton

Behind the Scene

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