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Paraphilia sinop-01.png


Created by Lihi Giat
Producer: Micky Rabinovitz 

About the Movie

Action series featuring a secret elite unit of young women trained to fight sex trafficking, pedophilia and sex crimes: the women pretend to be helpless victims, and after being kidnapped – they use their skills to arrest – or liquidate – the criminals.
Paraphilia is a military elite unit, created after the failure of all other efforts to put an end to sex trafficking. In fact – sex trafficking and sex crimes are still on the rise. The new unit trains young, good-looking women, who will now have to play with fire: they must make themselves available in parties, social events and circumstances where they might be kidnapped for trafficking; they must appear as easy prey, and then save themselves and all the other kidnapped women. They must be trained to handle situations where they might be gagged, bound and tied – or worse. 
The women must be in top physical shape, cool-headed and highly skilled – as well as extremely ambitious, and with a deep understanding of good and evil. If a trainee manages to pass all the psychological exams and hide a self-destructive tendency or moral ambiguity – she could cause serious problems to the unit. The female warriors must also be exceptionally good looking – otherwise they won't be targeted for kidnapping – and are supported by a crew of makeup artists and hair stylists, with a budget for clothes and accessories. The result is that all the female warriors in the unit are impossibly stunning. 
This is the story of six women between the ages of 18 to 21, who are trained to infiltrate sex trafficking organizations. They come from different backgrounds, and different life stories – some are red, white and blue patriots, here to serve the flag, others convicts with huge potential, who chose the unit over prison, and still others – victims of sexual abuse, looking for revenge - and justice.

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