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Shadow Men

Created by Tsahi Halevi , Yair Marton, Barak Marton
Producer: Micky Rabinovitz 

About the Movie

Shadow Men is a suspense drama, 10 episodes, 50 minutes each, dealing with two espionage agents, an Israeli and an Iranian, and the improbable bond that develops and links the two rival agents.
This is a unique and original story in the complex reality of the Middle East, told through the perspective of the secret agents working in this embroiled context. Our hero is Daniel, a Mossad agent whose life is saved during covert action by
senior Iranian agent nicknamed “The Prince.”

The meeting between Daniel and The Prince makes them share a secret that sends Daniel to hunt down a mole in the Mossad. While he’s at it he’ll discover hidden - and intertwined -Mossad and family secrets that will cast a doubt on his professional loyalty as well as putting his life in danger.
We will experience, together with Daniel, the complexity of the situation: he must hide his plans and secrets from his colleagues, friends, family – and lover.
How far will the terror organizations go in order to achieve their aims, while Mossad agents are constantly in a complex, unique pursuit, doing everything possible to prevent terror organizations from damaging normal lives all over the world?. Apart from the rare and breathtaking story, we hope to lure the viewer into the shadow world and experience the reality of a Mossad agent. This is an unprecedented script as far as describing Mossad activity and its efforts against Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The series tells the story, using the background of the political reality of the past few years, while being guided by senior intelligence agents who advised and enlightened the writers as to Mossad procedures and actions.

The world of espionage is challenging and dangerous, Mossad agents are the modern superheroes, who can reach any place and carry out any mission. Through the series we will understand their experiences and the complexity of their missions.

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