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Directed by Keren Nechmad
Script by Keren Nechmad, Yonatan Bar Ilan, Adar Arazi

Lead Cast:

Swell Ariel Or | Ofer Grinberg | Yehonatan Vilozny

Adam Gabay | Mili Eshet | Paula kroh | Erez Oved

Lir Katz | Tamir Ginsburg | Herzel Tobey

Doron Amitay | Adam Halon | Alisa Vaisbur

Producer: Micky Rabinovitz

Line Producer: Iftach Gabay

Light Stream - Producer: Or Vivante    

Light Stream - Producer: Avital Yosefi

Cinematographer: Ram Shweky

About the Movie

A coming of age story of members of a Nahal group, volunteering in a kibbutz named "Kissufim" ("Yearnings" in Hebrew), on the outskirts of the Gaza strip in the 70s, who meet with the hardships of love, sexuality, morality and responsibility near the end of their military service and the beginning of their civilian adult lives.

Behind the Scene

Photos by David Scouri | To view the entire image, click on the image

For more information: 

Micky Rabinovitz: +972-54-7711581   |

Avital Yossefi: +972-52-6549333 | ‏‪‬‏

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